How do Vegas sportsbooks set the lines – insights from the oddsmaker

Ever wondered how vegas sportsbooks set the lines?

- How original odds are made and why they are similar across the board?
- Do bookies really profit just vig by balancing bettors on both sides or they win if the bettors lose?
- Headache with parlays and teasers. The bookie risks to lose $80,000 or … to win $10 by from your 20-team teaser.
- Hockey NHL from a side sport to a 3rd popular sport in Vegas
- How Vegas Knights changed the betting industry in town
- Do bookies really balance the action?
- Rugby 7 or college baseball soft lines vs refined NFL lines?
- Why bookies HATE baseball? Why anyone can win in baseball?
- Football is bookies best friend. No stats sample, too many parlays
- How to lose money fast?
- In game wagering makes it harder to beat the public
- What to focus on college basketball?
- Inflated numbers vs Sharps?
- Accumulation on the favorites over weekends?
- Vegas traps? Why is the line low or too good to be true?

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how vegas sportsbooks set the lines?


Line Reversals Cold Reading to predict the winners?


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