Fixed games and guaranteed locks – SCAM?

There are certain myths that exist in sports betting. One of the most prominent is the fixed games or guaranteed lock promise. This myth exists because of the media and many people finding it difficult to believe an underdog sports team can win a sporting event unless something devious is at play.


So, how does the fixed game or guaranteed locks scam work?

It is actually quite simple as a scammer contacts you with “inside information” from the people who set up the fixed game. For this example, we will use the sport of soccer as there are games played every day in all corners of the world.

The scam always works by betting on an underdog in a minor soccer league. Some of the most popular leagues are one based in southeast Asia. You will never see this scam used with top professional clubs from England, German, or the like.

The scammer will inform you that the game is fixed and a private source passed on the details. The private source will always be someone close to the fix or the actual fixer. Because the information is so private, or because the informant has secret information, they are willing to sell it to you for a price. The price is usually quite high and always to “cover their costs”.

The informant then sells you the pick, an underdog winning the game when they shouldn’t be victorious.


If the game is fixed, why sell the results?

How do you know the game is fixed? Well, it may be hard to tell if a team wins. But looking more closely, you will probably find they are actually a good team, are in form, or the opponent could be facing key injuries to important players. There are more obvious reasons as to why underdogs win other than a game being fixed.

For example, Super Bowl LII between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots — Yes, this was a major sports event — was won by the underdog. But there were no claims of the game being fixed — unless you are a Pats fan.


The big question when it comes to “insiders” selling secret information through telegrams and emails about fixed games and locks is: Why are they selling the information? Surely, they would rather bettors wager on the favourite to make the odds even longer for the underdog. Then, they would bet large sums on the underdog to make a 100 times more money than what you would pay for the tip, right?

In conclusion, the fixed game and sure thing lock is a complete betting myth.

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