Dreamhack Open circuit will come to a close with the finale taking place in Sweden, birthplace of Dreamhack where first ever, lan on a large scale took place. Eight teams, six invited and two that qualified, will be going against one another to win the $100,000 prize pool in this 3 day event.

Event features a very intriguing consistency of teams as x6tence Galaxy and Bravado, the two qualified teams coming from the European and North American qualifiers are set to play in group each. Swedes are set in Group A with compLexity, LDLC, and Heroic, for many the group of death when it comes to up and coming teams with magnificent results against the best.

The South African side, Bravado will have to face ENCE, OpTic and G2, where consistency and experience reside.


In all honesty it’s hard to draw any predictions with high confidence in this group. Of course LDLC, who have proven to be a force to be reckoned with over the past months will be tough to beat, but their opponents aren’t far off, especially compLexity who have found the perfect consistency of a squad, playing aggressive counter strike which works for them like a charm. More question marks are set above Heroic who will be coming back from a lan in Asian where there is a possibility of fatigue and perhaps a jet lag then again people such as Friberg will be positively motivated to perform well in front of his home crowd. As for x6tence, although the results are there online we are yet to really see them perform against top teams such as LDLC and compLexity on lan, we can set a huge question make over their names whether they can deliver in this, rather different environment.

Our pick for the group winners: LDLC
second place in the group: compLexity


Here things look completely different, the three invited teams are filled with players full of experience and tons of knowledge on one another as they battled specific players from different teams across the world. ENCE would seem like the tournament favourites at this stage with Allu performing incredibly at lan events in the past months. It almost seems like ENCE have found the perfect formula for the team and covered each aspect of their play styles along with synchronised plays on majority of the official maps. Question is whether the likes of G2, who are struggling with their lineup ever since they formed a team, it seems like the guys on the team are living in the past and their main sniper, KennyS deserves to be on a much better teams, perhaps even LDLC, where players are much more motivated to played as well as he does. G2 can be considered as one of the biggest organisations in the world but we can only questions why they brought together such a weak squad to perform at the events, it almost seems like a waste of money at this stage?

Steering away from the negativity in regards to G2, we can take a look at OpTic who are finally beginning to put out performances most people came to expect from them. OpTic even have a chance to win it all if they can find the rhythm that they have been slowly getting on in the past few months. At last we have Bravado who have very talented players on their roster, unfortunately due to their geographical location we haven’t seen much of Bravado at lan events against top European and American teams in order to determine whether they will be up for this challenge, perhaps they have a chance to steal the match away from G2 and put up a good fight against OpTic depending on the map choice, they may not have the necessary experience to get past the group stages.

Our pick for the group winner: ENCE
Second place in the group: OpTic

Our prediction for the tournament winner: LDLC

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