One-hour Q&A session withHead of Pinnacle Sportsbook

The Head of Pinnacle Sportsbook will be taking over the @PinnacleSports Twitter account for a one-hour Q&A session on August 6th at 10am PDT/6pm BST, fielding questions from our followers. This is the first time the company has engaged its customers on this level and made ourselves this accessible. It’s another great reason to start following @PinnacleSports. Zcode followers are also invited to ask the questions here. P.s. Also check our previous Exclusive interview with pinnacle here

Exclusive interview with Pinnacle Sports, worlds trusted bookie!

>   Hi RH, since 1998 Pinnacle sports is taking the leading positions as one of the most trusted online bookmakers. Please tell us a few words, how it all began? How did you pass all the other bookmakers that were founded earlier?

RH – our founders, bettors themselves, took the decision to create an online bookie that focused on price, instead of bonuses. This was revolutionary at the time and turned out to be a very smart decision as it immediately made us unique.

>   Can you compare the size of the amount wagered daily  ...