Round 4 was by far the best in this contest edition! All participants combined net profit is 53 units up! Just take a look at the top 10 players in the round, each of the contenders made over 4 units! Amazing results and it has a really huge impact on the rank. Let’s see in detail!

It’s the first time in the contest when 8 players delivered maximum profit in a single round. Superheroes in round 4 are S(manchesterunitedro***), Aistis(aistis***), Arjan(arjanvantonge***), Mikhail(auramedia), TurkStock(turkst***), E(thegr8rone25***), Gdog(g***). Devastating! By far most profitable choices last weekend were Seahawks and Ravens, these teams gave the biggest profit for Zcoders last weekend. Congrats to all who saw that was coming.

That being said we have a new player on the top of the ladder. Leadership took Snork(clev***) who won 4th consecutive bet, made over 3 units of profit and broke $11 000 bankroll barrier. Congrats on the streak and result in round 4 Snork(clev***). Well done!
Place number 2 takes S(manchesterunitedro***) who strikes back with heavy missile @2.5 cashes $450 and also has a bankroll above $11 000. So far all or nothing play style pays back fantastically, just like in previous contest edition. Congratulations S(manchesterunitedro***)!

On place number 3 we have Clutch(jason.ur***) who used the opportunity of bankroll reset after round 2 and immediately moves up in the rank. Two big consecutive wins give $10 825 in the bank and 7 positions up in the rank. Well played!

Place number 4 belongs now to one of the big winners in round 4 Aistis(aistis***) who strikes back after unlucky round 3 and does in the best possible way. Definitely Aistis(aistis***) is still looking for a bit more consistency, but due to excellent bankroll management, he is one of the best in the rank. Congratulations!

I am glad to see in the top also our old buddy Rogelio(rmons***) who is on place number 5 after a full sweep in round 4 finished with over 4 units of profit. Worth to notice that Rogelio(rmons***) uses very different tactics and splits the risk among a couple of selection in a single round. Anyway, his choices excellent, Rogelio(rmons***) won 6 out of 7 bets which give totally $10 792. Congrats!

You had no luck so far? No worries! We reset ALL bankrolls below the starting level to make competition spicier! Yes! No excuses, time to chase contest leaders now! Good luck!

Please take a look below on the top players in round 4 and be ready for round 5, it is just behind the corner! Start on Saturday!


1 S(manchesterunitedro***) $450

1 Aistis(aistis***) $450

1 Arjan(arjanvantonge***) $450

1 Mikhail(auramedia) $450

1 TurkStock(turkst***) $450

1 E(thegr8rone25***) $450

1 Gdog(g***) $450

1 Clint(weirdealsonl***) $450

9 Philhouse(philhy***) $423

10 Rogelio(rmons***) $417


1 Snork(clev***) 1 $11 083

2 S(manchesterunitedro***) 1 $11 050

3 Clutch(jason.ur***) 7 $10 825

4 Aistis(aistis***) 8 $10 800

5 Rogelio(rmons***) 6 $10 792

6 Jaka(jaka.josipo***) -5 $10 786

7 Juha(juha.tiusa***) 1 $10 786

8 Alan(expert2***) -1 $10 732

9 Arjan(arjanvantonge***) 7 $10 606

10 Mikhail(auramedia) 8 $10 570


1st place – $400 USD

2nd place – $300 USD

3rd place – $200 USD

4th place – $100 USD

Special Prize – Longest winning streak $150 USD


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