Here we go! Huge start in the contest with almost 100 picks! Those are great results guys, but I may handle even more so feel free to jump in the actions starting from round 2!

Many contenders provided fantastic bets in round one, but we have two really special heroes. It’s Karel(debaras666) and Robert(robivoncin)! Both are experienced Zcoders and pretty well known contenders from previous editions. Karel and Robert went very aggressively, launched nukes and hit the jackpot gaining almost five units of profit each! Well done guys! Congratulations!

Behind top two players we have six guys with at least 2 units of profit and plenty of guys with slightly lower bankrolls. Good start in the contest is pure pleasure and makes things a little bit easier, but of course it is a long run so no worries if you didn’t gain any profit. Remember about reset opportunity which may you help to start again with new bankroll. Maybe it’s better to use it in early stage of competition?

Interesting fact that in top 10 players I can see almost all names very well known from previous contests. This is a clear proof that experience plays a crucial role in this game and of course in the real sport investing too. So I encourage all of you to participate in the contest! Use free opportunity to gain some experience, learn selectivity, follow best guys and post bets for the contest. Remember that Zcode puts additional cash into prize pool for every valid posted contest pick! Round one gave 89$ additional cash to prizes pool! Keep pushing!


1 Karel(debaras666) $10 480
2 Robert(robivoncin) $10 450
3 Pras(pippoboyz) $10 285
4 Glenn(gp76) $10 264
5 Stephane(stephtallon) $10 230
6 Marco(marcowinner) $10 213
7 Ginger(giantsfan209209) $10 200
8 Nedyak(spnedyak) $10 200
9 Damon(unclereems) $10 188
10 Domen(kocevar.d) $10 178
10 Mikhail(auramedia) $10 178


Read the rules and join! Everybody is IN!

Become the next Zcode Legend!

And Win CASH prizes!

NBA & NHL King Platinum Prize – 1st place
$300 USD
+ 40% of additional prize pool
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

NBA & NHL King Gold Prize – 2nd place
$200 USD
+ 30% of additional prize pool
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

NBA & NHL King Silver Prize – 3rd place
$150 USD
+ 20% of additional prize pool
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

NBA & NHL King Bronze Prize – 4th place
$100 USD
+ 10% of additional prize pool
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

NBA & NHL King – 5th place
$50 USD
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

Special Prize – Points classification
$100 USD
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

Special Prize – Longest winning streak
$100 USD
+ Legendary Zcode Tshirt

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