“Anti Public” Insider System

Ever wondered how Vegas always becomes richer and richer and gambling public is losing more and more?

The secret to win is to bet WITH vegas against the public, instead of trying to go with what most people are doing.

A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd
–Max Lucado

Zcode has developed a FREE anti public tool called “Line reversals”

Here is how it works:

1. Step 1. Go to http://zcodesystem.com/linereversals.php and click “Public -> Show all” to see public %. Check data 1-2 hour before the games!

2. Step 2. Find the games for example on NHL with the highest ticket amount and the highest percentage of public money on home favorite.

For example yesterday such game was Florida Panthers vs Detroit Red Wings:

Marked in red:

What it means is the public money is heavy on Red Wings. No way Vegas will pay 86% of people on Moneyline and 93% on -1.5 spread.

The result? Guess what? “Surprising upset, Panthers win it 2:1″.  The correct anti public bet was Florida+1.5 = WON!

Betting against the public (fading the public) is a very simple and successful strategy in sports investing. Why it is successful is because of this basic truth – Vegas (and by Vegas we mean all sportsbooks) is in business to make money and if the Public won more often than they lost, Vegas would not exist.

Vegas is prospering, that’s the best proof for you that long term public never wins. Bet against the public and win WITH Vegas!

You  can do it yourself daily by visiting Line Reversals Tool by Zcode at http://linereversals.com/


Another way, join Zcode system and follow the experts who public Anti Public system.

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Follow Vegas, see what high rollers are doing! They never go with the “crowd” and they win.






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