And the winner is…

Big congratulations to EDU for winning our grand prize iPhone 11.

It’s been a long race to 60 wins that shows that long term consistency is the key to success in betting.

Special honorable mentions go to
Luka77 which was really close number 2 and Omega Mojo Mclovin who could easily win but we had too much soccer in the way. Next rounds should be more mixed.

Aistis, David, Gergely, Crystal Ball, Mullar, S, Anthony, Razputin, Joshua and other legends were just few wins away

The next round will be shorter and starts on Saturday! Stay tuned!

P.S. Dont forget to submit your POD for NFL King Contest here

EDUEdu says:

eduwon2What is his secret to winning? Here is what Edu has to say:


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Win the prizes:

1st place – $400 USD

2nd place – $300 USD

3rd place – $200 USD

4th place – $100 USD

Special Prize – Longest winning streak $150 USD




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