17 thoughts on “$511,063 of Accumulated Profits with ZCode.

  1. Haha great day again ! What a tough day for all the teams ! great to watch this awesome sport and make profits ! I love u guys !
  2. It's a pleasure to work with people who knows how to make a friendly and inspiring environment... Zcode rules
  3. Amazing!! No matter what i follow all won yesterday!! my head goes crazy lol. but we must stay focused and not give back all the profits to bookies and not overbet nfl too much! i will go conservative and withdraw some profits from yesterday, $300 usd.
  4. Good day for me :) MON Canadiens @ BUF Sabres UNDER 5.5 WON NAS Predators +1.0 WON (thx ZCODE!) Nashville Predators ML WON (thx ZCODE!) Nashville Predators - X in reg WON (Mike, thx you very much!) Colorado ML WON (thx Steve!) Colorado over 2,5 WON (thx Steve!) Thx you ZCODE and all community, i l
  5. I agree as well... this community is one of my favorite things in my life right now... I love interacting with all of you... you're all great people, and some of the nicest people I know. You always make me feel welcome and appreciated - cheers. And the winning money thing isn't bad either!
  6. Really does it get any better ????? THX to all you experts sharing picks in this forum so many greate minds come together and greate things happens..

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