Writeup for the WC 2018 US soccer team

Writeup for the WC 2018 US soccer team:

US Men’s Soccer Team in Must-Win WCQ
The United States men’s soccer team is in for a fight, if the team want to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. We are about a year away from the big event, and the US has six more qualifying matches left to punch its ticket to the big dance. … Read more


Ducks against a poor team in a good spot today to bounce against 0;5 loss! Also Good spot to bet Canadiens today after a rare loss (to a good team) against mediocre team


Bet of the day on NHL..

Pittsburgh Penguins coming of a rare loss vs Toronto Maple Leafs, we start penguins bet and team total over 3!


Lets crash it beard man from me on MLB WC we go Cubs+1.5 ABC ! that’s last MLB bet from me , it has been a fantastic playoff so far, I won ALL Cyril+1.5 bets on A level just once B!


Tomorrow Clash of the titans on MLB!! Cubs need to break a curse, they never won WC in like 1000 years… Indians will be hard to break but i feel like they had easier road to the World Series… Boston was just dead and Torono was almost swept easily..

So they never matched a STRONG team and now they will.. If Cubs open as Underdog or even favorite with good odds, go for Cubs+1.5 ABC any time! No way they … Read more


Cubs are on fire and need this World series..

We expect them to stay close in the next 2 games and go with Cubs+1.5 until we get a win (AB progression)