Writeup for the WC 2018 US soccer team

Writeup for the WC 2018 US soccer team:

US Men’s Soccer Team in Must-Win WCQ
The United States men’s soccer team is in for a fight, if the team want to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. We are about a year away from the big event, and the US has six more qualifying matches left to punch its ticket to the big dance. … Read more


Ducks against a poor team in a good spot today to bounce against 0;5 loss! Also Good spot to bet Canadiens today after a rare loss (to a good team) against mediocre team


Bet of the day on NHL..

Pittsburgh Penguins coming of a rare loss vs Toronto Maple Leafs, we start penguins bet and team total over 3!


Lets crash it beard man from me on MLB WC we go Cubs+1.5 ABC ! that’s last MLB bet from me , it has been a fantastic playoff so far, I won ALL Cyril+1.5 bets on A level just once B!


Tomorrow Clash of the titans on MLB!! Cubs need to break a curse, they never won WC in like 1000 years… Indians will be hard to break but i feel like they had easier road to the World Series… Boston was just dead and Torono was almost swept easily..

So they never matched a STRONG team and now they will.. If Cubs open as Underdog or even favorite with good odds, go for Cubs+1.5 ABC any time! No way they … Read more


Cubs are on fire and need this World series..

We expect them to stay close in the next 2 games and go with Cubs+1.5 until we get a win (AB progression)


Toronto +1.5 Spread ABC.

They are on fire, they won the wild card and Texas is not dominating any games .. If texas wins they are usually close wins and the stats say they wont win 3 in a row by 2+ runs!