Today I want to take a look at a few MLB games and use the ZCode Line Value rating.

Like any investment, using these tools as one of a few filters is more beneficial than by itself … Read more


One aspect of line-making that doesn’t get talked about much is public perception.

In addition to stats and the situation, bookmakers factor in the public perception of the game before setting a line and this exposes real value … Read more

MLB Totals

While fading the public on MLB money line wagers has proven to be a profitable strategy, the same cannot be said for fading the public on MLB totals.

The main reason for this is books usually have lower betting … Read more


In the financial world, Contrarian Investing is an investment strategy characterized by buying and selling in contrast to the prevailing sentiment at the time.

This is also a basic investment strategy for sports betting. Fading the public, or … Read more