Meet the master of parlays Ernesto

Sports Betting Podcast by Zcode
Sports Betting Podcast by Zcode
Meet the master of parlays Ernesto

Hi guys and welcome back to zcode sports investing podcast! In this episode we have a special guest, he is a true master of parlays and you know him in Zcode community under the nickname E. In this episode he is sharing his story and tips how to become successful by betting parlays and common misconceptions about parlay betting such as win rate. Risking small to win a lot is his way!

Hey Ernesto, thank you for taking your time to speak to me about your systems. Could you give us a description of your background and what are the origins of your betting career?
I’m curious to find out what betting is like over in your region, is it extensively popular or instead you may struggle at times to find bookmakers.
You have a very interest approach, you do targets for your parlays and despite what many may think of paydays or accumulators depending on where you’re from, you have proven to literally everyone that you can make some good buck and hit your targets with parlays. Why do you prefer this way of betting over singles?
If someone was completely new to your system, what advice would you generally give them, how to get started?
What bookmakers do you generally use for your systems?
How do you analyse matches and what tools do you use? Where does zCode come in for your daily analysis?
Have you got a memorable investment that you made before, perhaps the biggest win or the most lucky win of your betting career
Do you run any other systems aside from your main parlay system?

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