Meet Luka, a professional basketball player and a creator of soccer boss system

Welcome back to zcode sports investing podcast.
Today we have a special guest for you, he is a well known expert in zcode community, a professional basketball player and a creator of soccer boss and several other amazing systems in zcode vip club…
Meet one and only… LUKA!

Hey Luka, before we begin about your betting career could you fill us in on your background, where you are from and where did you grew up?
Tell us about betting in your country, do you have much of a freedom or are there many restrictions in place?
How did you get into betting, from a rookie to a professional bettor?
Why did you choose zCode and why does it work in your opinion?
What sort of tools do you generally use for your systems?
What does it take to be profitable, what is your advice for new people?
What do you generally do during a bad streak and how do you get out of it?
What are your thoughts on future sports?
You have many systems, which one is your favourite and why?
You like live betting a lot, do you believe it’s more profitable?
Are you working on any new systems?

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