Josh, the legendary soccer expert, and his World Cup picks and predictions!

You know the biggest soccer event of the year, World Cup in Brazil, is about
to begin and it’s a wonderful time to devote an episode to our great soccer expert
Josh from Australia; to find out his secrets, tips and insights about
betting on soccer in general and the World Cup in particular!

If you guys are new to our show, make sure to download a copy of the free
Zcode bible at,
where you can find the tips and systems to get you started fast;
including the soccer systems!

If you’ve already been doing sports investing for a while, you might be
surprised to hear that Zcode LAB has just released a new line reversal tool
for the soccer World Cup. You can find it at
This little tool is my favorite: it shows you all the line moves in
real time, where the sharp money goes, where the high rollers are placing
the bets and how they move the line, where the public bets are and how you
can fade the public to stay on the winning side. You will love it, and it’s
especially helpful for the World Cup!

In this episode, Josh will go into detail about each team’s chances
in the World Cup 2014, starting soon in Brazil, and outline the
possible teams to win the Cup! He is expecting to make over 100 units
of profit on the World Cup, so jump on board the profit train!

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