Interview with Peter Rugby Expert 2014-15 English Premiership and European Rugby Champions Cup Insights and Predictions

Hi guys. Scott here, and welcome to another episode of our ZCode Sports Betting Podcast that will help you to become a successful sports investor.
ZCode is really getting into Rugby. The sport has been gaining popularity in America, mostly because of the excitement in the games – and of course the big profits obtained thanks to great experts like Paul, Craig, Snork… and recently our guest for today, a college rugby player and Premiership Rugby expert, Peter.
Inside, you will discover:
+ Peter’s insights as a former player.
+ The secrets of rugby betting, the importance of injuries and weather, the key players, and some great strategies.
+ Peter’s explanation of the great opportunity for investors due to the few people betting on it and the juicy lines.
+ Peter’s reveal of the overview for this season on Premiership and European Rugby Champions.

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