Like always we refreshed a little bit contest formula and prepared for you some new features. Contest starts on Friday 16th April, lasts 12 weeks and is dedicated for MLB only. Please check below details, especially about units management rules and bankroll booster feature. Active, consistent and profitable is an important part of the game now! Make sure you understand contest formula and specific rules. I wish you all best of luck and a lot of fun with this contest edition!

Contest formula

Contest formula is similar to the one known from previous contests. Contenders post picks from Friday to Sunday on the forum and contest master counts results and provides weekly recaps. After 12 rounds best contenders are awarded with prizes. POD Master keeps 3 separate ranks in the contest:

a) King Rank – based on the traditional bankroll-builder approach. Every contender receives a $10,000 virtual bankroll. The players who have built the biggest bankroll after 12 rounds win. Bankroll consists of generated profits and received bonuses.

b) Longest winning streak – yep! We have back oldest Zcode contest formula! Players who make longest winning streaks win (streak without a losing pick). Please note that unit sizes don’t matter for a length of a streak. 3 units or 1 unit counts in the same way here. Wins number in a series counts here only! In a case of a tie streak with bigger profit wins.

c) Best ROI classification – for players who deliver at least 10 picks in the contest. Contender with best ROI marker wins the prize. It will be very good ranking for players who are not so aggressive in the contest but provides a solid profit. For ROI calculations are taken also bonuses gained at every stage to boost consistency through whole contest.

NOTE: Each player can win a maximum of one prize. If the same person wins in both leaderboards, then will receive the larger prize. The next-ranking player on the scoreboard with the smaller prize will receive the prize. This ensures that as many people as possible get to win!

General rules

a) The contest is dedicated for MLB only.

b) There will be 12 rounds played in the contest. After each round POD Master will provide recap with current rank.

c) Editing your post is not permitted. If you forgot to list odds or the bookie, just make a new post with the additional info. You must update your pick before the game start otherwise it will be considered as a PASS!

d) Please post European format odds ONLY! It makes counting easier and faster and helps to avoid mistakes. American format odds are no longer accepted. Odds converter is here http://zcodesystem.com/oddsconverter/. Picks without European odds format will be considered as a PASS.

e) POD Master Michal will give signals on the wall and on the forum before the start of each round. No posting picks for rounds in advance.

f) The results will be counted by POD Master Michal. All unforeseen situations are decided by the POD Master. He is an unbiased supervisor and judge.

g) The POD Master is a player also but doesn’t participate in prizes to ensure the unbiased judgment. POD Master plays only for fun.

Platinum Prize – 1st place
$500 USD

Gold Prize – 2nd place
$200 USD

Silver Prize – 3rd place
$150 USD

Special Prize – Longest winning streak 1st place
$100 USD

Special Prize – Best ROI% 1st place 
$100 USD

Special Prize – Best player in rounds 1-3
$50 USD

Special Prize – Best player in rounds 4-6
$50 USD

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Read the rules and join! Everybody is IN!

Become the next Zcode Legend!

And Win CASH prizes!


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