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18 thoughts on “There’s no time to waste!

  1. good night for me. small winnings, but winnings!! small winnings every month bring us good winnings in a year!! better than investing with bankers! hahaha
  2. +$654 for A-league PODers! My Kings've finally started to play some hockey! That was only the lonely bet for me last night. So we coud say I went 100% haha
  3. nice win this night. i was 5-0 and had my first higher win!! thanks so much!!! lets go on and rock the betting market!! ;-)
  4. This community is one of the best things to happen to me in a long time. Everyone is supportive, there is a lot of intelligence and the number of systems and picks that can be followed here is likely more than anywhere else. Zcode and Zcoders I salute you!
  5. Haha great day again ! What a tough day for all the teams ! great to watch this awesome sport and make profits ! I love u guys !
  6. Well, so far I am doing well in sports investing and it's thanks to Z code and all of the experts out there who contribute.... so I just want to say thanks to all of you guys. And I'm not saying this to kiss anyone's ass. I really mean it when I say it. I've ran into a lot of con men in the past
  7. Wow! I have been having the worst luck lately..but tonight I made all of the losses back plus a little extra. Between my picks and zcode picks I went for a gain of 14 units! Wish I could just do that every night!
  8. WOW, I went 8-1 yesterday !! What a great tools and support, what a great comnunity ! What else to say ? THANK YOU :)
  9. i follow zcode since early facebook times and it has been nothing but good and helpful experience for me. guys are very helpful and try to explain how you can not just blindly follow but also understand the transparent system based on statistics.

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