NFL Super Bowl Futures: The New England Patriots are once again favorites

The NFL preseason is in full swing. The regular season kicks off on September 6th with the NFL Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles taking on the Atlanta Falcons. With a new NFL season kicking off, sportsbooks around the world have calculated the odds.


Once again, it is no surprise that the New England Patriots lead Super Bowl futures odds. New England quarterback Tom Brady is back for an 18th season under center. As long as the NFL’s best quarterback is still in a Patriots jersey, there is no reason New England won’t be expected to get to Super Bowl 53.

NFL Super Bowl 53 futures

New England Patriots +500

Is there any AFC team that can knock the Pats off their perch? The Pats have made the Super Bowl in four of the last seven seasons. In seven seasons, the Pats have made the AFC Championship Game in each. Although it is boring for NFL fans to see Brady and his well-oiled machine back in AFC title game year after year, it shows just how dominant Bill Belichick is as a coach and his system truly is.

Philadelphia Eagles +900

The Philadelphia Eagles became the first team since New England to win the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback. Can Nick Foles lead the Eagles back to the big game? He may get his chance as reports continue in the media that the team is concerned about Carson Wentz’s knee. If Wentz is healthy, the Eagles have a big decision to make. Do they go with a Super Bowl winning quarterback or start the man that he took over for?

Green Bay Packers +900

Aaron Rodgers’ 2017 injury was the chief reason for the Green Bay Packers missing the NFC Playoffs. Rodgers is back for this season and ready to go. Perhaps the biggest news around the Packers currently is the outlawing of hits like the one that injured Rodgers last season.

Pittsburgh Steelers +1000

Ben Roethlisberger maybe 36-years old, but he is still the man being entrusted with the Pittsburgh Steelers offense. The Steelers have lost in the AFC Playoffs in each of the last four seasons with Roethlisberger at the helm. Since winning the Super Bowl in 2010, the Steelers have reached the AFC Conference Championship just once.

Los Angeles Rams +1100

The Los Angeles Rams have great NFL Super Bowl odds heading into the 2018 season. The Rams had a fantastic offense last year with the one-two combination of quarterback Jared Goff and running back Todd Gurley. The Rams collapsed in the NFC Playoffs, but could rebound for a better run at the Super Bowl this season.

Minnesota Vikings +1200

The Minnesota Vikings made the NFC Conference Championship thanks to lackluster New Orleans Saints defending and a dramatic touchdown pass. Minnesota followed it up by being throttled by the Eagles, however. The Vikings have had a lot of turnover. Kirk Cousins has arrived to play quarterback and he will be backed up by Trevor Siemian. With so much turnover, who knows what the Vikings will look like when the seasons starts.

The Rest of the NFL Super Bowl Futures

Atlanta Falcons +1800

Dallas Cowboys +2000

San Francisco 49ers +2000

Jacksonville Jaguars +2000

New Orleans Saints +2200

Carolina Panthers +2500

Houston Texans +2500

Los Angeles Chargers +2500

Kansas City Chiefs +2800

Oakland Raiders +3300

Seattle Seahawks +3300

Denver Broncos +4000

Detriot Lions +4000

Tenessee Titans +4000

Baltimore Ravens +4000

New York Giants +4000

Washington Redskins +5000

Indianapolis Colts +6600

Buffalo Bills +6600

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6600

Arizona Cardinals +8000

Cincinnati Bengals +8000

Miami Dolphins +8000

Cleveland Browns +8000

Chicago Bears +10000

New York Jets +15000


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  1. Nobody has a great team, but as for me is the most balanced. That portends them being the one to pick for the division

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