NFL Picks: Week 14

Oakland Raiders versus Kansas City Chiefs

In this AFC West battle, both teams come in at 6-6 but heading in opposite directions. The Chiefs are a 4-point favorite despite losing six of their last seven games. The Raiders are “average” on the Team Strength Oscillator, while the Chiefs are “dead”, another indicator of how far they’ve fallen. Oakland is +13 on the Power Ranking Indicator compared to +15 for the Chiefs. The Chiefs have to win eventually and hard to see the Raiders wining both games this season. Just a hunch, but the Chiefs end their skid on Sunday.

Minnesota Vikings versus Carolina Panthers

The Vikings are the hottest team in the league, at 10-2 and are +30 on the Power Ranking Indicator. They enter the game as a 2.5-point road favorite. The Panthers are +26 on the Power Ranking Indicator and both clubs are “burning hot” status on the Team Strength Oscillator. The Vikings won as a road dog last season. In a bit of an upset, I see the Panthers taking advantage of home field and edge the Vikings in a close game decided late.

Tennessee TItans versus Arizona Cardinals

At 8-4, the Titans are in good position for a post season push, while the Cardinals are all but out of it at 5-7. Not a surprise, the Titans hold all the edges on the oscillators, at “burning hot” to “average” on the Team Strength Oscillator and +23 to +17 on the Power Ranking Indicator. Tennessee is tied for 10th in Team Volatility and are a 3-point road favorite. The Titans will improve to 9-4, covering the spread in the process.

Washington Redskins versus Los Angeles Chargers

After a terrible start, the Chargers are in optimal position to win the AFC West. They enter at 6-point favorites against the 5-7 Redskins. Both teams are +12 on the Power Ranking Indicator, but the Chargers on the incline while the Redskins are on a descent. Telling the tale of these two teams is their status on the Team Strength Oscillator, with the Chargers at “burning hot” versus “ice cold down” for Washington. Not much of a contest in this one, the Chargers will win by more than a touchdown.

Seattle Seahawks versus Jacksonville Jaguars

The Seahawks won a big game Sunday against Philadelphia at home to go to 8-4. However, the Jaguars are also 8-4 and are a 3-point home favorite in this one. They hold a minimal +22 to +21 edge in the Power Ranking Indicator and both teams are in the “average” range on the Team Strength Oscillator. The teams have identical records at home and on the road. This game is so evenly matched on paper, it really is a toss-up. Feeding off the home crowd, I see the Jaguars in this one, but I would be cautious playing a bet on this game.

New England Patriots versus Miami Dolphins

At 10-2, the Patriots are in great position to push for top seed in the AFC. They are an 11-point favorite against the 5-7 Dolphins in Miami. New England won the last meeting on November 26. They hold a huge +29 to +8 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator. At “burning hot” versus “dead” on the Team Strength Oscillator and 7th in Team Volatility, New England should have no trouble with the Dolphins. The Patriots will improve to 11-2, with the game being decided by half time.


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