NBA Picks : Friday, December 8

Golden State Warriors versus Detroit Pistons

The Warriors are second in the Western Conference, while the Pistons are fourth in the East. Golden State will likely be without Steph Curry, due to an ankle injury, increasing Detroit’s chances. The Warriors still hold clear advantages on the Power Ranking Indicator (+26 to +11) and on the Team Strength Oscillator, “burning hot” versus “average down”. However, the Pistons won as a road dog on October 29. While the Warriors likely will come out with a victory, placing a bet on the underdog in this case might not be a bad choice.

Cleveland Cavaliers versus Indiana Pacers

The Cavaliers are the hottest team in the league and are second in the Eastern Conference, while the Pacers are tied for eighth. Indiana won as a road underdog on November 1, but clearly teams heading in opposite directions. Cleveland holds big advantages in both the Power Ranking Indicator and Team Strength Oscillator. There is nothing to believe that their hot streak wont continue. I pick Cleveland and they could win by double digits.

Denver Nuggets versus Orlando Magic

Denver is fourth in the Western Conference and the Magic are 12th in the Eastern Conference. Both teams are on the rise on the Power Ranking Indicator, although the Nuggets hold a large 14-point edge. Similarly, all signs point to the Nuggets on the Team Strength Oscillator and they are ninth in Team Volatility. As a road favorite, that bodes well for Denver. They won the first meeting between the teams on November 11 as a home favorite. I see another victory for the Nuggets in this one.

Toronto Raptors versus Memphis Grizzlies

Toronto comes in third in the Eastern Conference, while the Grizzlies try to avoid the basement. The Raptors are clear favorites with a +21 to +1 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator and “burning hot” versus “dead” on the Team Strength Oscillator. There is little to indicate the Grizzlies have a chance. Take the Raptors in nearly a sure bet.

Sacramento Kings versus New Orleans Pelicans

The Kings are battling the Mavericks for the worst record in the West, while the Pelicans are sitting eighth in the conference. Surprisingly, the teams are equal on the Power Ranking Indicator and both “average” on the strength oscillator. New Orleans won the first meeting between the teams as a road underdog on October 26.The Kings are 3-10 on the road and have the second worst point differential in the NBA. In not much of a contest, the Pelicans will come away with the victory.

Boston Celtics versus San Antonio Spurs

Boston enters with the top record in the NBA, while the Spurs are third in the Western Conference. Both teams are consistently winning as favorites and losing as underdogs, which is seldom. Boston is “burning hot” , while the Spurs are “average” on the Team Strength Oscillator. The Celtics also have an 8-point advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator. The Celtics won as the home favorite on October 30. San Antonio 11-2 at home, but the Celtics are 10-2 on the road. Going with a hunch, I think the Spurs can hold off Boston in a close game, but I would probably stay away from betting on this one.


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