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34 thoughts on “Do you want to know Zcode’s profits?

  1. What do you guys think of zcodes Arb generator? Has anyone tried it or have expereince with it? Thanks for your opinions. You guys are so positive and warm and friendly that I so look forward to reading the comments every day. Makes the sun shine every day for me!
  2. I agree as well... this community is one of my favorite things in my life right now... I love interacting with all of you... you're all great people, and some of the nicest people I know. You always make me feel welcome and appreciated - cheers. And the winning money thing isn't bad either!
  3. haha , i am fully in now!! i invested enough money now to get a nice longterm income here!! i love everybody who helps us with his picks to get our own strategie!! it was great luck for me to come here! lets rock the worl of betting!! ;-)
  4. Haha great day again ! I hit the 4 teams parlays and also all the team deliver most of the packages. What a tough day for all the teams ! great to watch this awesome sport and make profits ! I love u guys !
  5. Really does it get any better ????? THX to all you experts sharing picks in this forum so many greate minds come together and greate things happens..
  6. This is to good to be true, and i mean that in everyway! I fear the day Zcode and this community issent here anymore. But for now ill embrace every day :-)
  7. what i love about zcode is I am not left alone with my bets, i see real people discussing real games, having wins and losses, everything is very realistic. i was so tired of scams that hide a losing day and only post wins.. i love i can go back on calendar too, i read so much. will stay with you til
  8. It's been one of the best years in my life growing this community! Per Aspera Ad Astra! Through the Thorns to the Stars! For years to come!
  9. This community is one of the best things to happen to me in a long time. Everyone is supportive, there is a lot of intelligence and the number of systems and picks that can be followed here is likely more than anywhere else. Zcode and Zcoders I salute you!

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