CONCACAF Gold Cup 2017 Group Preview

The CONCACAF Gold Cup 2017 matchday 1 kicks off on Friday night July 7th at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey and concludes on Sunday evening in San Diego, California. The tournament takes place every two years and brings the national teams of the North American and Caribbean regions together to determine just who is the best.

Twelve teams make up the 2017 Gold Cup and as always, the United States and Mexico are tipped as the two favorites. According to sportsbooks, Mexico is currently listed at 13/10 to lift the trophy, while the US clocks in at 6/4. Mexico and the US have won the last eight editions of the tournament; and Canada is the only other nation to win the competition in this century.

Group A

Group A consists of Honduras, Costa Rica, French Guiana and Canada. Two things are already certain: Costa Rica is the group favorite and French Guiana will be the whipping boys over the course of the three match group stage. Costa Rica is 5/6 to top the group according to the latest odds.

The real challenge will be to pick the team that finishes second. Honduras currently edges the Canadians, and I agree with the predictions that the Hondurans will reach the knockout stages. But keep in mind, the two best third place teams also make the next round, and Canada should be good enough for the knockout round.

Group B

The US is runaway favorites to come out on top of group B. The team is currently playing well, and most of the players selected for the tournament are in the middle of the Major League Soccer season. They are fit and in form for the most part.

Sports bookies have the US at 1/3 to top the group, which leaves little value in wagering on the Yanks, and I completely agree the US will top group B. Panama should come in second with few problems, and Nicaragua and Martinique will round out this two-horse group. Don’t expect either Nicaragua or Martinique to do enough to be the one of the two best third place nations. Neither teams’ track record in the Gold Cup gives much hope for progression.

Group C

Mexico come into the tournament as 2/9 favorites to lock up group C and a talented Jamaica clock in at 8/1. El Salvador (10/1) and Curacao (10/1) round out group C with neither looking likely of troubling the other two in the group. Mexico, like the US, is a lock to win this group. Jamaica should go through and the smart money would be on El Salvador to finish third with a chance at the knockout stages.

Reasons to Bet on the Gold Cup 2017

The Gold Cup is a great competition to wager on as it features soccer matches from July 7th up until the 26th. There will be nearly one match a night to wager on, and if you are using the great Zcode System tools like the totals predictor or line reversals, you put yourself in a great position to win cash.

As all the odds makers believe, the US and Mexico will be the final two teams in this tournament, at least they should be. So, be ready for those two sides to make it all the way to the final in Santa Clara, California.


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