Bitcoin Robot Is it a SCAM or Real Deal?

Bitcoin Robot Is it a SCAM or Real Deal?


There was a lot of hype lately around Bitcoin Robot. Is it a scam?

We rarely do any promos, but this robot was developed by our partners, so it is worth it. Disclaimer: because we are obviously affiliated don’t trust any word we say. With that being said, here is the short review.

No, Bitcoin robot is not a scam. It is an automated Trading Software for Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

You can learn more about it here


To keep it short, Bitcoin robot automatically trades Btc-e account using BTC and USD currencies.

The minimum is $100 but returns would be too small. Normally $300-500 min is recommended.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. It will NOT get you rich overnight but will provide stable 7-20% returns monthly with around 10% max drawdown based on past experience. They do have 60 day guarantee as well.


The bitcoin is an independent cryptocurrency, free of bank limitations. Obviously, it has a lot of haters, so their website is often Attacked by DDOS and could be down. This does not affect the trading because the trading VPS is hosted on another machines.

Of course like in any trading there are risks but with bitcoin, there is no leverage trading (you only trade the funds you have) so it’s pretty safe and it’s hard to blow the full deposit in 1 trade like it happens on Forex


Download the Bitcoin Bonus Book here to learn more about the Bicoin


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