3 must use betting tools for MLB

Baseball is probably the world’s most analysed sport as data collection goes, making markets tough to beat without access to in-depth analytical tools. What are top three free tools that baseball bettors can use to get an edge? We did the research. 

MLB analysis can be confusing. It’s one thing to understand that WAR is superior to older stats, but it’s another to understand how WAR is arrived at and how to apply that knowledge to MLB betting. Here are the three top tools that will help you out in your quest for an edge when betting on baseball.

1. Line reversals tool

Betting against the crowd is one of the most effective ways to stay on the right side of the game, day in, day out!


2. Pitcher profit oscillator

Not all pitchers are born the same, it’s true. If you consistently put money on a losing pitcher (even if he wins the games, the odds might be really bad), you will not win.

So here is the tool that will help you pick only winner pitchers

3. Team volatility oscillator

You want your team to be a consistent winner or a consistent loser (so you bet against it). This tool will help you avoid inconsistent teams, that are hard to predict.
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