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What is Totals Predictor?

The Totals Predictor is a unique tool developed based on Jonathan Ma ideas. Here is how it works. For every team we are building 2 lines.

The blue line is the Over/Under line. We assigned a value of 1 for the Overs and a value of -1 for the Unders. For the purpose of this prediction tool, over/unders are based on 5.5. Any game with a push on 5 is considered an under for 5.5.

The red line is the differential between the over/under based on the last 10 games. Examples: A 6-4 in favor of over would be +2. A 3-7 in favor of under would be -4.

Next step is to compare the lines and see the repeated patterns. For example if you see both teams are trending up on the red line this means they score much more goals than usual and the game will probably go Over 5.5!

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Pittsburgh Penguins
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreTotalOver/UnderDifference
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreTotalOver/UnderDifference
21st Mar 2018, 19:00Montreal CanadiensPittsburgh Penguins3:55.5+14
20th Mar 2018, 19:00Pittsburgh PenguinsNew York Islanders1:45.5-12
15th Mar 2018, 19:30Pittsburgh PenguinsMontreal Canadiens5:35.5+14
14th Mar 2018, 20:00Pittsburgh PenguinsNew York Rangers3:45.5+14
11th Mar 2018, 19:30Dallas StarsPittsburgh Penguins1:35.5-14
10th Mar 2018, 19:00Pittsburgh PenguinsToronto Maple Leafs2:55.5+16
7th Mar 2018, 20:00Pittsburgh PenguinsPhiladelphia Flyers5:25.5+14
5th Mar 2018, 19:00Calgary FlamesPittsburgh Penguins3:45.5+14
3rd Mar 2018, 17:00New York IslandersPittsburgh Penguins2:35.5-14
1st Mar 2018, 19:00Pittsburgh PenguinsBoston Bruins4:85.5+16
27th Feb 2018, 19:00New Jersey DevilsPittsburgh Penguins3:25.5-14
24th Feb 2018, 19:00Pittsburgh PenguinsFlorida Panthers5:65.5+16
23rd Feb 2018, 19:30Pittsburgh PenguinsCarolina Hurricanes6:15.5+16
18th Feb 2018, 18:00Pittsburgh PenguinsColumbus Blue Jackets5:25.5+16
17th Feb 2018, 19:00Toronto Maple LeafsPittsburgh Penguins3:55.5+14
15th Feb 2018, 19:00Los Angeles KingsPittsburgh Penguins1:35.5-12
13th Feb 2018, 19:00Ottawa SenatorsPittsburgh Penguins3:65.5+12
9th Feb 2018, 20:30Pittsburgh PenguinsDallas Stars3:45.5+12
6th Feb 2018, 19:00Vegas Golden KnightsPittsburgh Penguins4:55.5+12
3rd Feb 2018, 19:00Pittsburgh PenguinsNew Jersey Devils1:35.5-10
2nd Feb 2018, 19:00Washington CapitalsPittsburgh Penguins4:75.5+12
30th Jan 2018, 19:00San Jose SharksPittsburgh Penguins2:55.5+10
25th Jan 2018, 19:00Minnesota WildPittsburgh Penguins3:65.5+1-2
23rd Jan 2018, 19:00Carolina HurricanesPittsburgh Penguins1:35.5-1-4
20th Jan 2018, 20:00Pittsburgh PenguinsSan Jose Sharks1:25.5-1-4
18th Jan 2018, 22:00Pittsburgh PenguinsLos Angeles Kings3:15.5-1-2
17th Jan 2018, 22:00Pittsburgh PenguinsAnaheim Ducks3:55.5+1-2
14th Jan 2018, 19:30New York RangersPittsburgh Penguins2:55.5+1-4
13th Jan 2018, 13:00Detroit Red WingsPittsburgh Penguins1:45.5-1-4
7th Jan 2018, 19:30Boston BruinsPittsburgh Penguins5:65.5+1-2
5th Jan 2018, 19:00Pittsburgh PenguinsNew York Islanders4:05.5-1-4
4th Jan 2018, 19:00Carolina HurricanesPittsburgh Penguins4:05.5-1-4
31st Dec 2017, 19:00Pittsburgh PenguinsDetroit Red Wings1:45.5-1-2
29th Dec 2017, 19:30Pittsburgh PenguinsCarolina Hurricanes1:25.5-10
27th Dec 2017, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsPittsburgh Penguins4:55.5+12
23rd Dec 2017, 19:00Anaheim DucksPittsburgh Penguins4:05.5-12
21st Dec 2017, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsPittsburgh Penguins2:35.5-12
18th Dec 2017, 21:00Pittsburgh PenguinsColorado Avalanche2:45.5+14
16th Dec 2017, 20:00Pittsburgh PenguinsArizona Coyotes4:25.5+14
14th Dec 2017, 22:00Pittsburgh PenguinsVegas Golden Knights1:25.5-14
11th Dec 2017, 19:00Colorado AvalanchePittsburgh Penguins2:15.5-14
9th Dec 2017, 19:00Toronto Maple LeafsPittsburgh Penguins4:35.5
7th Dec 2017, 19:00New York IslandersPittsburgh Penguins3:45.5
5th Dec 2017, 19:30New York RangersPittsburgh Penguins4:35.5
2nd Dec 2017, 19:00Buffalo SabresPittsburgh Penguins1:55.5
1st Dec 2017, 19:00Pittsburgh PenguinsBuffalo Sabres4:05.5
27th Nov 2017, 19:00Philadelphia FlyersPittsburgh Penguins4:55.5
25th Nov 2017, 19:00Tampa Bay LightningPittsburgh Penguins2:55.5
24th Nov 2017, 13:00Pittsburgh PenguinsBoston Bruins3:45.5
18th Nov 2017, 19:00Chicago BlackhawksPittsburgh Penguins2:15.5
16th Nov 2017, 19:30Pittsburgh PenguinsOttawa Senators3:15.5
Columbus Blue Jackets
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreTotalOver/UnderDifference
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreTotalOver/UnderDifference
22nd Mar 2018, 19:00Florida PanthersColumbus Blue Jackets0:45.5-12
20th Mar 2018, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsNew York Rangers5:35.5+14
19th Mar 2018, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsBoston Bruins5:45.5+14
17th Mar 2018, 19:00Ottawa SenatorsColumbus Blue Jackets1:25.5-14
15th Mar 2018, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsPhiladelphia Flyers5:35.5+14
12th Mar 2018, 19:00Montreal CanadiensColumbus Blue Jackets2:55.5+12
9th Mar 2018, 19:00Detroit Red WingsColumbus Blue Jackets2:35.5-10
8th Mar 2018, 19:00Colorado AvalancheColumbus Blue Jackets4:55.5+12
6th Mar 2018, 19:00Vegas Golden KnightsColumbus Blue Jackets1:45.5-10
4th Mar 2018, 21:00Columbus Blue JacketsSan Jose Sharks4:25.5+12
2nd Mar 2018, 22:00Columbus Blue JacketsAnaheim Ducks2:45.5+10
1st Mar 2018, 22:30Columbus Blue JacketsLos Angeles Kings2:55.5+10
26th Feb 2018, 19:00Washington CapitalsColumbus Blue Jackets1:55.5+10
24th Feb 2018, 19:00Chicago BlackhawksColumbus Blue Jackets2:35.5-1-2
22nd Feb 2018, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsPhiladelphia Flyers1:25.5-10
20th Feb 2018, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsNew Jersey Devils2:15.5-10
18th Feb 2018, 18:00Pittsburgh PenguinsColumbus Blue Jackets5:25.5+10
16th Feb 2018, 19:00Philadelphia FlyersColumbus Blue Jackets2:15.5-1-2
14th Feb 2018, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsToronto Maple Leafs3:65.5+10
13th Feb 2018, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsNew York Islanders4:15.5-1-2
10th Feb 2018, 19:00New Jersey DevilsColumbus Blue Jackets1:65.5+10
9th Feb 2018, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsWashington Capitals2:45.5+1-2
6th Feb 2018, 19:00Washington CapitalsColumbus Blue Jackets3:25.5-1-4
3rd Feb 2018, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsNew York Islanders3:45.5+1-4
2nd Feb 2018, 19:00San Jose SharksColumbus Blue Jackets3:15.5-1-6
30th Jan 2018, 19:00Minnesota WildColumbus Blue Jackets3:25.5-1-6
25th Jan 2018, 21:00Columbus Blue JacketsArizona Coyotes2:15.5-1-6
23rd Jan 2018, 22:00Columbus Blue JacketsVegas Golden Knights3:65.5+1-4
18th Jan 2018, 19:00Dallas StarsColumbus Blue Jackets1:25.5-1-4
12th Jan 2018, 19:00Vancouver CanucksColumbus Blue Jackets5:25.5+1-4
11th Jan 2018, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsBuffalo Sabres1:35.5-1-6
8th Jan 2018, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsToronto Maple Leafs3:25.5-1-4
7th Jan 2018, 17:00Florida PanthersColumbus Blue Jackets2:35.5-1-2
4th Jan 2018, 21:00Columbus Blue JacketsColorado Avalanche0:25.5-1-2
2nd Jan 2018, 20:30Columbus Blue JacketsDallas Stars2:15.5-10
31st Dec 2017, 18:00Tampa Bay LightningColumbus Blue Jackets5:05.5-12
29th Dec 2017, 19:30Columbus Blue JacketsOttawa Senators4:55.5+12
27th Dec 2017, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsPittsburgh Penguins4:55.5+12
23rd Dec 2017, 19:00Philadelphia FlyersColumbus Blue Jackets1:25.5-10
21st Dec 2017, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsPittsburgh Penguins2:35.5-12
20th Dec 2017, 19:30Toronto Maple LeafsColumbus Blue Jackets2:45.5+14
18th Dec 2017, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsBoston Bruins2:75.5
16th Dec 2017, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsCarolina Hurricanes1:25.5
14th Dec 2017, 19:00New York IslandersColumbus Blue Jackets4:65.5
12th Dec 2017, 19:00Edmonton OilersColumbus Blue Jackets7:25.5
9th Dec 2017, 19:00Arizona CoyotesColumbus Blue Jackets0:15.5
8th Dec 2017, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsNew Jersey Devils5:35.5
5th Dec 2017, 19:00New Jersey DevilsColumbus Blue Jackets4:15.5
2nd Dec 2017, 19:00Columbus Blue JacketsWashington Capitals3:45.5
1st Dec 2017, 19:00Anaheim DucksColumbus Blue Jackets2:45.5
28th Nov 2017, 19:00Carolina HurricanesColumbus Blue Jackets2:35.5

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