NBA Predictions: Conference Semifinal Games

The NBA has reached the Conference Semifinal round. There are three games to be played May 3 and May 4. Note that all information is for games played through April 30.

Milwaukee Bucks versus Boston Celtics

The top seeded Milwaukee Bucks head to Boston with the series tied one game each. The Bucks won two of three meetings between the teams during the regular season. Milwaukee is “burning hot” coming off their win and the Celtics are “burning hot down”. The Celtics overtook the Bucks on the Power Ranking Indicator, +27 to +24, after winning the first game in the series. Both teams have been involved in games trending “over”, so bet the “over” in this one as well.  Pay attention to the favorite/underdog status in this one because both teams rank high in team stability according to the Team Volatility Oscillator.  Look for the Celtics to take care of home court in the first game at home to go ahead 2-1 in the series.

Denver Nuggets versus Portland Trailblazers

The Nuggets took three of four meetings between the teams in the regular season and won the first game in this series by a 121-113 score. Game two hasn’t been played yet at the time of this post, but game three is set to be played in Portland. Either tied at one or Denver up, 2-1, Portland will want to win to avoid having to climb out of a hole. Portland has a +26 to +23 edge on the Power Ranking Indicator, while the Nuggets are “burning hot” compared to “average” on the Team Strength Oscillator. Both teams are scoring a lot of points, so the safe bet is for the “over” and pay attention to favorite/underdog status since both teams rank high on the Team Volatility Oscillator.  Look for Portland to come out with a sense of urgency and win this game.

Golden State Warriors versus Houston Rockets

The Golden State Warriors took the first two games of this series by a combined total of ten points. They hold a +29 to +25 advantage on the Power Ranking Indicator and “burning hot” versus “average down” after the Rockets losing two in a row. The teams are trending differently on the “over/under” so it’s best to avoid betting the “over/under” in this one. The Warriors have been the much more stable team, at +35 to +17 on the Team Volatility Oscillator.  Portland will need this game to avoid a big hole in the series. Expect a hard fought game with Portland coming out on top by a narrow margin.

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