STL@WSH (MLB) - 7:38 PM ET, Oct. 14th 2019
38% 62%
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St Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals

Score prediction: St. Louis 1 - Washington 11
Confidence in prediction: 76.34%

According to Z Code Calculations, based on statistical analysis since 1999 The Washington Nationals are a solid favorite with a 62% chance to beat the St Louis Cardinals.

They are 71 at home during playoffs.

St. Louis: 87th away game in this season.
Washington: 88th home game in this season.

St. Louis are currently on a Road Trip 1 of 3
Washington are currently on a Home Trip 1 of 3

This game is third in the 3 game series. The trends & streaks analysis shows that Washington will most likely win tonight.

The MLB Start pitcher Jack Flaherty is pitching for St. Louis today. He is 6 in Top 100 Rating this season. He has 2.75 ERA.

The MLB Start pitcher Stephen Strasburg is pitching for Washington today. He is 16 in Top 100 Rating this season. He has 3.32 ERA.

According to bookies the odd for Washington moneyline is 1.790.

The latest streak for Washington is W-W-W-W-L-W. Currently St. Louis are 9 in rating and Washington team is 10 in rating.

During the last 19 times when these 2 teams met each other Washington won 8 times.

Next games for Washington against: St. Louis (Ice Cold Down), St. Louis (Ice Cold Down)

Last games for Washington were: 3-1 (Win) @St. Louis (Ice Cold Down) 12 October, 2-0 (Win) @St. Louis (Ice Cold Down) 11 October

Next games for St. Louis against: @Washington (Burning Hot), @Washington (Burning Hot)

Last games for St. Louis were: 3-1 (Loss) Washington (Burning Hot) 12 October, 2-0 (Loss) Washington (Burning Hot) 11 October

The Over/Under line is 7. The projection for Over is 56.51%.